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Electrician by Electrician Rugby

For certain electrical projects (such as installation of a new circuit, tracing and repairing lighting faults, replacement of a fuse box, rewiring and installing a new light and so on), a service from a certified and registered electrician is obligatory. To be fully qualified as an electrician, you need a level 3 qualification, usually an nvq and/or a diploma in installing electro technical systems and equipment. You will need to be a qualified electrician, with testing and inspection certificates.

Electrician Rugby Can Provid You With Opportunities

Electrician Rugby is committed to equality in the workplace and is an equal opportunity employer in the field of electrical services.

At Electrician Rugby we offer a huge range of renewable and electrical training courses which can be paid for by ELC credits. Our electrical training programmes at Electrician Rugby are full-time and involve practical and (if required), classroom training.

Electrical Installation Work

Electrician Rugby can tell you that electrical work that involves fixed wiring is strictly regulated and must almost always be performed by a licensed electrician or electrical contractor. Electrician Rugby's team of electricians are approved contractors and carry out all types of domestic electrical work from a new plug socket to a complete, or partial, rewiring of your property professionally and efficiently.

For qualified car electrician services in Rugby, contact Electrician Rugby. The standard fees for ecs card renewal or initial application are something Electrician Rugby can advise you on.

Electrician Opportunities In Rugby, Warwickshire

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